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Journal publication

Publication in research is a very toughest job in your PhD journey. Writing a research paper then arranging it in a required format, sending it to a suitable journal waiting for the review…. But if the paper gets rejected, nothing is worse than this on that day.

Phd Help gives the best option to publish your paper without fear of rejection. We have experts to publish your paper. Our journal publication experts can publish the paper in the particular journal you ask for in a short period. You can ask how it is possible. This is because of the experience our expertise gained in this department after working several years in the particular department. They know the tips and tricks about each journal and the formatting requirements that make the publication easier. Other than this Our experts will check the structure, grammar, and language flow of the paper. The most important thing they first observe is plagiarism checking. After passing all these hurdles the paper moves to the journal from the expert's hands.
The paper publication from Phd help is cost-effective, easy to excess, and user-friendly procedures. We have a lot of journals available to publish your paper in n short time. We assure you that they are high-impact journals that take your paper to the other level.
Journal Publication

UGC-Approved Journals

If you need a prestigious job at university, you need to publish an article in a UGC-approved journal. University Grant Commission We have an experienced skilled professional team to work with you to guide you in the publication. We assure you of the publication of the paper in a short time after its acceptance of the paper.

UGC care list is divided into two main groups:

UGC CARE List Group I

These journals are recognized by UGC care guidelines. Group I journals are divided into 5 major subjects and they are a total of 1456 journals available now. Subjectwise journal details are Sciences-422, Social Sciences-347, Arts & Humanities-383, Multidisciplinary-56, Indian Languages 248.

UGC CARE List Group II

These journals are indexed and globally recognized in the database. Group II journals are indexed in the web of science and Scopus. Index-wise details are given below.

Web of Science

Arts & Humanities Citation Index-21829, Science Citation Index Expanded - 22931, Social Sciences Citation Index- 22933.


Source List-42180

Scopus Indexed journals

Publishing a paper in the Scopus journal is a delightful feeling. Scopus is said to be a highly skilled and knowledgeable combination of abstract and citation for peer-reviewed journals. They are linked scholarly with a wide variety of disciplines. Scopus is designed to serve the information needs of researchers, educators, students, administrators, and librarians across the entire academic community.
When we accept the paper for publication in Scopus we note that the paper is clean in grammar and check whether the scholar has come up with new ideas. These novel and quality papers are published very fast if submitted with help of experts. We assure you that the paper will be published very fast and your paper will be indexed in Scopus as soon as it is published.

Web of science

The web of science is formerly known as the web of knowledge. They are interdisciplinary journals. Web of science is a collection of more than 20k peer-reviewed journals. 200+ journals are published in social science, science, and humanities disciplines. Publication in a web of science journals is fast and quick.

Then you can ask why you need our assistance:

  • Easy indexing
  • Better Impact factor
  • Fewer acceptance issues
  • Highly trained Experts
  • Interactive Response
  • Based on your ideas

Annexure Journals

Anna University Annexure journals are highly indexed journals. And they are available in paid as well as unpaid journals. Annexure journals provide several journals in many fields. This journal of anna university expects high-quality and standard research papers.
Things to be remembered while applying the paper to the anna university Annexure journals:

  • Journal selected must match the Scope of the paper with relevant key
  • Verify the type of journals accepted in the particular journal which you have selected
  • Analysis of the journal impact factor
  • Verify the frequency rate of publication
  • Analyze the published article
  • The Paper has written should be unique
  • Plagiarism below 10%.


IEEE is a high-quality publication that exchanges knowledge and information among technology professionals. Types of IEEE publications are :

  • Journals and magazines
  • Conference proceedings
  • Books

How to select a target journal:

The selection of a journal is a very important part of the publication process. Always remember if your paper gets rejected before peer review, then this means the paper is out of scope. Then how do you select perfect-fit journals? Here is the answer:

  • Get the customized article from the IEEE Publication Recommender tool
  • Conduct the keyword search
  • Get suggestions from the seniors
  • Keep in mind that the article should suit the type of journals that you select.